Truck Control System with Force Feedback for Windows 11/10


Expected release date is Fall 2024

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*Please make sure to install the Driver V1.18 from Hori Device Manager page before use.

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Get behind the wheel of your very own big rig with the HORI Force Feedback Truck Control System for Windows 11/10. Featuring an extra-large 15.8 in / 40 cm diameter wheel with high quality faux-leather grip.1800 degrees of rotation and powerful dual motor force feedback provides unparalleled realism and immersion. The wheel has 39 button inputs and dual analog sticks, along with two steering column mounted levers with additional buttons and twist inputs for the ultimate in control. The shifter control panel features a 30-button control panel and an ergonomic shift lever with two buttons and two toggle switches for instant control. The shifter can be set to H-Pattern or Sequential shift mode, and shifter resistance can be adjusted on the fly with onboard dial. Sturdy three-pedal unit with durable metal pedals and Hall Effect sensors. Adjust button settings and more with the companion app. The wheel and shifter control panel can be mounted to a desk with the sturdy clamps or screwed directly to a racing stand setup. Connects to PC via 9-foot / 2.7 meter USB cable. Includes Steam download codes for “Euro Truck Simulator 2” and “American Truck Simulator”. Enjoy the open road with HORI’s Force Feedback Truck Control System! 


  • The ultimate control system for truck driving simulation on Windows 11/10
  • Extra-large diameter wheel with 1800 degrees turning radius and quality grip, steering column mounted levers with multiple input options, and dual motor force feedback
  • Shifter control panel with 34 buttons, sequential/H-pattern shifting modes, and adjustable resistance
  • Sturdy three-pedal unit with durable metal pedals and Hall Effect sensors.
  • Includes Steam download codes for “Euro Truck Simulator 2” and “American Truck Simulator”


Includes Steam download codes for "Euro Truck Simulator 2" and "American
Truck Simulator"



Realistic control system designed specifically for truck simulators.
Full size 15.8 in / 40 cm wheel with 1800 degrees of rotation provides smooth
and stable handling for turns and parking maneuvers. Additionally, the steering
unit is equipped with levers on both sides, enabling realistic wiper, turn signal,
and braking operation.

Dual Motor Force Feedback
Powerful dual motors with highly durable steel helical gears provide realistic
turning force feedback and allow you to feel the fine details of the road surface.
Use the companion app to customize various functions such as steering wheel
sensitivity, force feedback strength and more.


Shifter equipped with additional control buttons
In addition to the standard H-pattern shifting (1-6 speed + reverse), the shifter's
onboard buttons will enable range-splitter operation which will support up to
18 speeds.

Shift lever resistance adjustment dial
Adjust shift lever resistance on the fly using the adjustable dial to fine tune your
gaming experience.


Metal pedals with highly durable magnetic sensor.
Contactless Hall Effect Magnetic Sensors are used for the pedals, providing
extremely long life, accuracy, and durability.


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