HOTAS Flight Control System & Mount for Windows 11/10


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In partnership with Gaijin Entertainment, developer of War Thunder, we are thrilled to announce the new HORI HOTAS Flight Control System & Mount for PC - including bonus DLC featuring three limited edition fighter planes and more! Choose your preferred playstyle with the specialized steel desk mount which enables you to position controls authentically like a real fighter craft. Experience authentic flight simulation with over 200 configurable control functions and a twin-throttle with rudder function that allows independent control of dual engine machines. The Joystick features dual stage triggers to control advanced weapons systems and highly durable Hall Effect sensors for pinpoint accuracy. Use the companion app to adjust analog sensitivity, button mapping, dead zones, LED gauge brightness and more. The HORI HOTAS Flight Control System & Mount is a high-end simulation grade flight control system that will take you to the skies!


  • Includes limited edition War Thunder downloadable contents
  • Precise joystick with dual trigger & Hall Effect sensors
  • Twin throttle with adjustable resistance can be locked together or separated to control dual engine planes
  • Control all aircraft functions with fully featured control panel featuring metal toggle switches
  • Fully adjustable steel desk mount for immersive cockpit simulation

Simulate real cockpit layouts


Includes sturdy steel mounting brackets that allow you to customize your cockpit layout and component height. Position the joystick to your right or in front of you to simulate various real-world cockpit layouts.


Dual Stage Trigger

The Dual Stage Trigger allows players to operate two separate weapons with one trigger. For example, press partially to fire machine guns, and depress fully to fire rockets or another weapon.


Precise Joystick

The Joystick uses contactless Hall Effect sensors, enabling precise 16-bit control while being extremely durable. Use the free companion app to adjust dead zones, sensitivity settings, and more.


Nearly 200 functions

For each of the 3 modes, you can set 61 button functions and 9 analog axes.

Control various features such as radar, landing gear, flaps, and air brakes just like in a real aircraft. Assign modes with the companion app.


Twin Throttle with Lateral Axis Control

Independently controlled split throttle designed to simulate dual engine aircraft operations.


Selectable yaw control styles

The Joystick is equipped with a twist axis and the Throttle has a rudder, allowing for independent control of the Z-axis. You can choose between the Joystick or the Throttle to control the lateral axis of the aircraft based on your play style.


Simulate real cockpit layouts

The Joystick and Throttle can be securely mounted to your desk using the included study steel mounting brackets. With four adjustable height levels, you can easily customize the layout and position to suit your preferences.


Developed with the cooperation of Gaijin Entertainment, developers of War Thunder. Join more than 2.5 million players worldwide with the included downloadable game contents, including 3 limited edition fighter planes!


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