Our Mission
"Enhancing your gaming experience" - this goal has been at the heart of Hori's business for 25 years and continues to drive us in an ever changing video-gaming world. 
Having led the field for over two decades with accessories that blend quality, innovation, and ergonomic design, 
Hori continues to redefine what gamers expect from their peripherals.

Our Experience 
Founded in 1969 and working closely with games console manufacturers from 1983, Hori Co. Ltd was one of the first 3rd party accessory makers in the world. We have been the leading accessory manufacturer in Japan for almost 30 years, during which time we have pioneered many concepts that have made gaming more enjoyable and accessible to everyone, while also creating unique products that appeal to hardcore and niche gaming markets.  
Since 2004, Hori has expanded its operations globally and now has offices in the US, Hong Kong, and the UK, enabling worldwide distribution and swift and effective customer service.

Our Products
All of our products are built with the strictest standards of quality in mind. We are a premier licensed peripheral maker for Nintendo, Sony, and Microsoft in Japan, and the majority of our products outside of Japan are also officially licensed. 

Not only are our products of the highest quality, they are also highly varied, with a wide range encompassing almost every type of console accessory.

Our Strength
Our relationships with software developers allow us to create one-of-a-kind products that take gaming to the next level.

We list among our distinguished partners some of the biggest names in the gaming industry: Capcom, Konami, Namco-Bandai, Sega, and Square Enix amongst others. 

These relationships enable us to create unique products specifically tied to software titles, maximizing the player's immersion in the game world and heightening response and enjoyment.

Our Innovations
Our R&D team designs products targeted to genres such as racing, fighting, and flight simulation, which are specifically geared to heighten realism and increase ease of play.

Partnerships with renowned gaming technology makers such as Taito and Sanwa enable us to produce a specialist range of premium arcade sticks that closely replicate the arcade experience.

The future 
With greater emphasis on user interaction, HORI has been actively expanding community involvement. More than ever, Hori's Japanese design flair and technological innovation is now appreciated by an ever-growing audience.

As the boundaries between the gamer, the peripheral, and the games with which they interact become ever more blurred, Hori continues to reinvent and redefine the modern trend.