Farming Control System for PC (Windows 11/10) Firmware Update

 App Update (03.21.2024)

* Added steering sensitivity adjustment function.


Download & Install Instructions:


1. Please click the following link to download the HORI Device Manager application:


* Please note: Windows PC required to use firmware update.


New App Content

By updating, you can adjust the steering sensitivity of the wheel within the app.

  Screenshot of sensitivity settings in App


The file, “HORI Device Manager Setup 1.1.24” will look like the following:



2. Open the firmware update app downloaded in Step 1 and install.

Since this is a new and unrecognized application, your computer or virus software may flag this application with a warning. The firmware updater app is safe and virus-free, so please click "Run anyway".

* The message may vary depending on the operating system or anti-virus software.



3. The app should look like the below. The app version should be shown as Ver 1.1.24 on the bottom right.


4. Connect the Farming Controller steering wheel's USB to your PC. The app should display the HORI Farming Controller Wheel as shown below.



5. Click the device and click OK to proceed with the update.

* Do not plug or unplug the USB while updating. May corrupt the data.



6. Once the below window appears, the firmware update is complete.

Newest updated Farming Controller version: Ver. 1.3.3

Newest updated Control Panel version: Ver 1.4.0

You can now remove the USB cable from the PC and close the firmware update app.




If you are having trouble with the firmware update, please try the following.

  1. If you are using a USB hub, please connect the controller directly to the PC.
  2. Disconnect all other USB devices, restart the app, and run the update.
  3. Close all other running programs (Google, etc.), restart the app, and run the update.
  4. If you have a security software installed on your PC, please temporarily pause it, restart the HORI Device Manager App, and perform the update.

If the problem still persists, please contact us via [email protected].