HOTAS Flight Control System & Mount for PC (Windows 11/10) App Instructions

HORI Device Manager Vol.2 Instruction Manual

Supported OSWindows®11 / 10

HPC-045U / HORI HOTAS Flight Control System & Mount for PC (Windows®11 / 10)

To download the HORI Device Manager Vol.2 application:

Main screen

Open the HORI Device Manager Vol. 2 and the app should look like the below.

1. Connected device

Devices are displayed when connected. Click on the device you wish to configure.


2. Device firmware version

The latest firmware version of the device will be displayed when the device is connected. If there is a firmware update, a pop-up will appear before proceeding to the device settings screen.

Please update the firmware to proceed.


3. Profiles of connected device

Displays the profile last used on the device when the device is connected.

*Switching profiles after the device is connected does not change what is displayed in the app.


4. App version

When you open the app, the latest version of HORI Device Manager Vol.2 will be displayed on the bottom right corner.


5. Language settings

HORI Device Manager Vol. 2 can be changed to the following languages:

English/French/German/Italian/Spanish/Japanese/Simplified Chinese/Traditional Chinese/Korean/Russian/Czech



Customizing the HORI HOTAS Flight Control System & Mount for PC (Windows®11 / 10)

Profile Selection Screen features 

The following screen will appear after selecting the connected device.

1. Select a profile

The profiles are tied to MODE 1-3 of the "Profile Selector Dial" on the device. Clicking on each profile displays the following selections:

Edit : Edit settings of various functions

Rename Change the name of the profile

Restore to default: Initialize various settings *Please note that the initialization will be applied as soon as it is selected.