Split Pad Compact (Gengar) for Nintendo Switch™



The Split Pad Compact attaches to the Nintendo Switch™ system to provide a full-size controller experience in Handheld Mode. The ergonomic form factor fits your hands perfectly for increased comfort and control. Features include full-size analog sticks and D-pad, turbo functions, and assignable rear buttons. Now available in Pikachu & Mimikyu and Gengar designs. Enjoy a new gaming experience with the Split Pad Compact! (Does not include Motion Controls, HD Rumble, NFC, or IR camera.) Officially Licensed by Nintendo® & The Pokémon Company International.


  • Full-size controller experience in Handheld Mode. Designed for All Nintendo Switch Systems. Nintendo Switch - OLED Model
  • Ergonomic form factor with back grips for added comfort
  • Easy to use full-size analog sticks and D-pad
  • Turbo functionality & programmable rear buttons
  • Available in Pikachu & Mimikyu and Gengar designs

 *Compatible with the Split Pad Attachment (sold separately)


Instruction Manual


Split Pad Compact Pikachu and Gengar
Pokemon Split Pad Compact Ergonomic Grip

Attach the Split Pad Compact to your Nintendo Switch system for a full-size controller experience in Handheld Mode.

Pikachu & Mimikyu

Extra grip for the perfect fit


Compact, but with full size analog sticks, buttons, and D-Pad

Assign Buttons


Cargo Pouch

Assignable rear buttons

Turbo / Turbo Hold Mode

Matching Cargo Pouch Compact also available


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Instruction Manual