Fighting Stick Alpha (Street Fighter 6 Edition) for PlayStation®5 Top Panel Art Download Page

Click on the character image you wish to download the top panel art data for.


To print top panel art, you'll need:

・Laser / Ink Jet Color Printer

・11" x 17" paper 

   *Please check to see if your printer is capable of printing 11" x 17" paper size

   *Please refer to your printer's manual for best printing result


For the instruction of how to change the top panel artwork, please check the link below:

*Link to Instruction Video*


ryu-image.jpg                                   luke-image.jpg



jamie-image.jpg                                   chun-li-image.jpg



 guile-image.jpg                                 kimberly-image.jpg



juri-image-.jpg                                   ken-image.jpg



blanka-image.jpg                                   dhalsim-image.jpg



honda-image.jpg                                   dee-jay-image.jpg



manon-image.jpg                                   marisa-image.jpg



jp-image.jpg                                   zangief-image.jpg



lily-image.jpg                                   cammy-image.jpg



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