Dual Charger for Playstation 5


Please be aware:

PlayStation®5 (CFI-2000 Series) has two USB Type-C ports on the front side.
The specifications between the two ports are different, so please only use the lower USB Type-C port to connect your HORI Dual Charger.


Don't let dead batteries hold you back! Simultaneously charge two controllers with the Hori Dual Charger for DualSense Wireless Controller. Easily charge controllers by simply placing them on the charger! Know the charging status of a Controller with a glance. Built-in LEDs indicate charging with red and a charge completed with green. Charger connects to the console via USB. Compatible with DualSense Wireless Controllers. (Wireless DualShock4, wireless DualShock3, and Wireless SIXAXIS Controller are not compatible.)


  • Charge two Controllers simultaneously
  • Compatible with DualSense Wireless Controllers
  • LED indicators display charge status
  • Powered via USB-C
  • Battery Life: up to 20 hours per full charge*

*Battery life varies significantly with the use of vibration functions, headsets, additional accessories, and other factors.


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