Fighting Stick Alpha (Tekken 8 Edition) for PS5® console, PS4 console, and PC

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App Version: HORI Device Manager Setup 1.1.21 



Ding Ding Ding! Introducing HORI’s Fighting Stick α (TEKKEN™ 8 Edition) for PlayStation 5! The tournament grade Fighting Stick α features TEKKEN 8 themed chassis, which can be opened for easy customization and maintenance. Purchase includes downloadable Tekken 8 top panel artwork you can print and use to customize your stick. The Fighting Stick α comes equipped with HORI’s legendary HAYABUSA joystick, HAYABUSA matte high-speed buttons, fully functional touchpad, tournament lock, and a 10ft cable, as well as on-board audio and mic controls to keep all focus on the fight. Take your fighting game skills to the next level and create four custom profiles through the companion app. Easily switch between profiles on the fly using the Function Button. Play like a pro with HORI’s Fighting Stick α (TEKKEN 8). Officially Licensed by Sony and Bandai-Namco Entertainment.


  • High-end tournament ready fight stick, compatible with Playstation® 5 console, Playstation® 4 console, and PC
  • Opens for easy customization & maintenance
  • Features TEKKEN 8 top panel artwork and downloadable alternate artwork to print
  • Features HORI’s proprietary HAYABUSA buttons and HAYABUSA joystick
  • Officially Licensed by Sony and Bandai Namco Entertainment



For the instruction of how to change the top panel artwork, please check the link below

*Link to Instruction Video*

To print top panel art, you'll need:

・Laser / Ink Jet Color Printer

・11" x 17" paper 

   *Please check to see if your printer is capable of printing 11" x 17" paper size

   *Please refer to your printer's manual for best printing result




spf-037u-a-page4.jpg          spf-037u-a-page5.jpg          spf-037u-a-page6.jpg

Built-in headset jack                                                              Lock Mode for tournament play                                    Customize settings with companion app

                                                                                                                                                                                                                        (Windows 10/11)


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